Thursday, April 19, 2012









Wednesday, April 18, 2012


19th april~
Had my nightmare again~ this time is about murder case~ @@
Friends were involved n been killed );
The places were so familiar...
Sigh.. Hate about that..

Sunday, March 11, 2012


R.E.D (retired extremely dangerous) --- name of the team

played the tournament on 10/3/2012
n considered was my first experience to join dodgeball (hong kong ball) tournament
had fun with my teammates =)
didn't know each of them at the beginning, and till we played, and fought together~
we had been trained, sweat for the past few weeks...
it was tiring but satisfying~
glad to see the outcomes after putting so much effort~

after the tournament, i think i THINK will  retire from competition?
hmmm~ may be??
like the spirit of the game but because of my heavy bones.. errr...errrr.....
will mentally support and cheer for my friends who playing =)
for both UCSI team and R.E.D team =)

the GIRLS' team 

with girls and guys from R.E.D

Thursday, March 8, 2012


was trying to do this when i woke up~ 
can feel my throat not willing me to speak a single word..
k~ continue sleeping is the best solution for me~

why i fall sick?
hmm~ lack of sleep for these few days i think~

started from sun, overnight at win's house..
had my nice i felt like i really fall asleep... not like when i sleep at my current house
mon, woke up early in the morning then went for work..
i was kept walking, walk walk n walk~ i can feel the pain from my wound
might be over exercise?
mon, tues n wed, non-stop exercise, n classes...assignmentsss
YA. I'm exhausted~n fall sick =\

I'm having the busiest month of the semester..
trying to relax myself by hang out with friend~

photo from my friend~ n this is how i look right now~ 
(take a deep breath)

assignments are still waiting for me...
feel lazy for studying but must force myself to aim for better results!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tour Guide 11022012

another day for the tour guide job~
because of the exhausted day on fri (slept for only 3 hours then went to work, after work, continue attending class, and then training)... it is good to busy.. but ... need to take rest as well..

was late to work.. thought the alarm would snooze....and i think i press the button wrongly..
woke up at 7.15am and i supposed to meet at 8am at Corus Hotel..
reached there around 8.30am.. sorry my friends... =(

after get my team's name list, hmm~ finally there are "fresh meats" in my team..
2 girls and 2 guys.. =)

started work around 8.45am. 
    we entered a conference room for the welcomed section and to meet the pretties and handsomes.. 

the destinations were same as yesterday.. masjid jamek, dataran merdeka, central market, chinatown and the indian temple~
but we only managed to go 3 of the places today.. 
unable to go the other places as there was only limited time given.

first destination- masjid jamek.
finally we managed to get in this time...
for female, we need to wear the clothes prepared
went into and took some group photo...

weird me *.* with the costumes

after that we walked all the way to dataran merdeka and to central market..
thanks this job that i learned many routes~

there is couple in my team~lol!! they are shy to each other.. looks funny and i enjoyed looking at them~

trying to speak japanese with them but.. with my poor japanese language..ermm... not really can communicate well.. therefore, i spoke with English and Japanese language~
surprisingly, this team is quite good in english.. although i cant get them when they spoke in english, at least they understand what i spoke.. =)

we took some photos before the central market opened

PuTu Bambu~ long time din eat this Malay food.. kinda miss it..
and finally found that outside central market there =) 
gave one of the member to try this food... from her expression, i dun think she likes this..
she tried to give some good comments but... she said the food is still okay.. 
may be last time for her to try this food?? 

during the postcards section, those 2 guys seemed like not willing to post and they tried to ignore me..
then, i went to bought them postcards and stamps.. hehehe!! try to force them to write and post the postcards..haha!!! 

i was shocked when i saw them put the stamp on their tongue and then sticked it on the postcards..
what the previous team did was applied some water on the stamp but not in this way...
well, nothing wrong with that.. i was just.. errrr.... zha daoo...


simple and nice outfits~ 

funny guy from Jacky's group and can eat a lot~

 fresh meats !!

There are another group photos at the lobby of Corus Hotel with friendly and funny Japanese students~


get another set of stationary which the colour is slightly different.. orange in colour~
thanks =)

end of the job, and i still couldn't remember their names.. hehehe~